Only certain characters are allowed in the name of a project, document or a component library folder, and only one special character.

  • the letters: a-z, A-Z
  • numbers from 0-9
  • special character: underscore (_)

Use in the name only characters presented here. For example, do not use space or Scandinavian characters ä, Ä, ö or Ö in the name.

According to this naming rule, you can name in the Vertex:

  • Project

    The maximum length of a project id is 16 characters.

  • Archive Document

    Vertex drawing or model is a document saved in the Vertex archive. The maximum length of an archive name is 20 characters. Other lengths of archive names are implemented as customer fittings.

  • File

    When a drawing or model is not archived, save it under a file name. Save a sketch, feature or component under a file name in the library. Save a transfer file also according to this naming rule. Use also in the folder name only characters presented here. The maximum length of a file name is 254 characters.

    An extension is added to the file name.

    Vertex Drawing file vxp
    Vertex Model file vxm
    Vertex Transfer file vxz
  • New folder in the Vertex library