New Drawing

You can create a new drawing as follows:

  1. Select > New.
  2. Select Drawing as the type of the new document.
  3. Enter a name for the drawing in the Label field.

    Naming a Document

  4. Select the To Project checkbox when you are creating a drawing for a certain project. If you have not yet opened a project or wish to create the document for a project other than the one currently open, activate the old project:
    1. Click the Select button.
    2. Fill in the search criteria in the Project Search Data dialog box. You can define one or more search terms. You can shorten a search term with an asterisk (*).
    3. Confirm by clicking the OK button.
    4. Select the project from the list. The project becomes active and you will be returned to the New Document dialog box.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Select the Add to File radio button to choose the drawing's saving location. Select the saving folder by clicking the Browse button.
    • Select the Add to Archive radio button when you wish to archive the drawing. Fill in the drawing's archival data by clicking the Arc.Data button.
  6. Confirm the data.
  7. Begin creating the drawing in the working window.