Component Libraries

When modeling a building, you can utilize a variety of components that are stored in the libraries. The libraries contain:

  • Component model or drawing data files, containing all of the data related to each component.
  • A database used to manage the library.

As a system administrator, you can add and delete libraries and components. You can only edit customer-specific libraries. The standard libraries of the system cannot be edited. However, all libraries can be activated or deactivated.

You can edit a library in the following ways, depending on the type of the library:

  • Edit the library in the dialog box

    You can create and edit libraries and preview components in the dialog box. When adding a component to the building model, you must select it in the same dialog box. Such libraries include:

    wall library, floor, ceiling and roof library, truss library, label library and the library of sheet templates for panel drawings.

    Open a Library for Editing

  • Edit the library in the browser

    You can edit the libraries in a browser with libraries grouped by type. When adding a component to the building model, you must select it in the visual browser. Such libraries include, for example:

    furniture libraries, window and door libraries, sheet libraries, framing tool libraries and different joint libraries.

    Open the Library Browser

  • System tab is only available if you are a system administrator.