You can print the content of the working window, i.e. a drawing or a model.

The software uses Windows printers for printing the document. There may also be your own Vertex printers defined in the settings file that the software can use.

The presentation method of a printed model in the working window may be wire frame, shaded or visualized.

You can print the 3D model with its dimensions and the sketch of the part model with its dimensions.

You can also print a document into a PDF file.

  1. Select > Print, or press Ctrl+P. The program opens the dialog box Print.
  2. Define the print settings in a dialog box.
    • Select the Printer.
    • If necessary, click Properties to edit the printer properties.
    • Select the Scale.
    • Select one of the following as the area to be printed:
      • Select All when you want to print the entire drawing.
      • Select Window when you want to print a certain area of the drawing.
    • When you are printing a drawing, select the layers to be printed in the Layer selection box.
    • Position the drawing or model on the sheet using the Place drawing buttons.
    • If necessary, select the positioning previously saved in the drawing under Default sheet layout.

    Print Settings

  3. Select OK.
  • Edit the printing by clicking Printer settings. This change will be temporary. The change is valid until you start the software again, and the default printer settings are loaded from the setup file.
  • You can add several drawings on one sheet by clicking Add drawing to sheet. This requires that you have selected a sufficiently large sheet.
  • The properties of a Windows printer can be modified with the Devices and Printers function of the operating system.