Part Listing of a Drawn Drawing


  • This instruction covers the parts listing of a drawn drawing (an "independent" drawing).
  • The part data is preferably bound to the part numbers, which must first be added to the drawing.
  • The parts list can be collected in the parts list connected to the drawing title block, in a separate text file or in Excel.
  • The part listing of a model drawing is based on the (item) data of parts and assembly and differs from what is described here.

The following steps are taken for the parts list

  1. Drawing Data
    • Define the archives data for a drawing, including the drawing number and description at least.
    • Archives data are updated on the header of a drawing sheet.
    • See Archives Data of a Drawing.
  2. Part Numbering
    • Add part numbers to the drawing.
    • Part numbers are associated with elements of a drawing:¬†line, text, hatch or macro.
    • See Add Part Numbers.
  3. Part Data
    • Define the attribute data for the drawing elements for the parts list.
    • Material data is defined in the part data.
    • See Add and Edit Part Data.
  4. Drawing Sheet
    • In order for the parts list to be printed on a drawing, a drawing sheet must be added to it.
    • It is added as a symbol to the drawing.
    • See Add a Sheet.
  5. Collect Parts List
    • Finally, select the function Parts List.
    • The function defines the output format, for example Parts list to drawing.
    • See Collect and Print a Parts List.