Vertex G4 Product Range

Vertex G4 products are:

Vertex G4 Viewer A free product for viewing and printing Vertex G4 documents.
Vertex G4 Mechanical Engineering Product to the part and assembly design and designing drawings. Includes comprehensive functions for 3D modeling and opportunities for producing 2D drawings. Multifunctional tool for the mechanical designing.
Vertex G4 Plant Design: The product to design 3D Pipes of the the Plant. Includes 3D design basic functions, Pipe design and Isogen Isometrics. Contains also the tools for designing 2D drawings.


The product can be enhanced with the following add-on options:

Add-on option Viewer (G4) Help
Component Library, Library - Option Library
Sheet Metal Design - Option Sheet-Metal Design
Profile Structure Design - Option Profile Structure Design
Composite Sheets - Option Composite Sheets
Piping Design - Option Piping Design
Face Modeling Options, Advanced Face Modeling Package - Option Advanced Face Modeling Package
Isogen Isometrics, Isogen Isometrics - Option Isogen Isometrics
Designing Process and Instrument Diagrams

Process and Instrument Design
  Option Process and Instrument Design
Spare Parts Book - Option Spare Parts Book
Animations - Option Animations
Vertex FEA structural analysis - Option Vertex FEA
LightWorks Visualization, Rendering - Option LightWorks Visualization
Flow Connection - Option Flow

- IFC Read

- IFC Export

- Iges

- Step

- Catia Read

- Catia Write

- 3D DWG Read

- SolidWorks Read
- Option Converter
3D PDF converter - Option 3D pdf Converter
Design Automation - Option **

You can view a list of your active software options by selecting Help> This Software Version.