Create a New Part to the Archives


  • All new parts should be started by giving them a label, i.e. an archive name.
  • You can start a new part without entering a label to the part, but the part must be stored in the archive in order to find it through the archive and to add it to an assembly.

Create a new part visible in the archive

  1. Select File > New or
    • press Ctrl and N keys at the same time.
    • The program opens the dialog box New Document.

  2. Select Part.
  3. Define the part's data in the New Document dialog box.
    • For more details, see New Document Dialog Box
    • Enter the name of the part in the Label field or select Get.
    • Select To Project when creating a document for a specific project.
    • Open an existing project by clicking the Select button, or create a new project by clicking the New button.
    • Fill in the archive data of the part by clicking Archive Data.
    • If you want to add the model to an item, click Item Data. Fill in the data in the Item Data dialog box.
    • If you want to create a new part as a file, clear the option To project, and select Add to file. Select the file's location by clicking Browse.
  4. Select OK.
    • The program opens an empty part modeling window.