Vertex Database Keyboard Commands

Keyboard command Function
Ctrl+Tab Switches to the next tab in the database view.
Arrow Down/Up Browse database contents by rows.
F7 Search (contents of a field).
Ctrl+Shift+Insert Copy Row
Shift+Insert Add row before
Alt+Shift+Insert Add row after
Shift+Delete Delete row
Esc Exit without saving. Exit the view, even necessary fields would be blank.
Shift + Arrow Up / Down Browsing (item, structure data)
Tab Next field
Shift+Tab, Shift+Enter Previous field
F2, Enter, OK Save data
Ctrl+- Clear field
Ctrl+U Autosave
  • You can change the database view tab by pressing Ctrl+Tab, and save the database by clicking the OK button. You can enable these features if the ../user/Setup setup file contains the following keyword set.db_dlgstyle.prop= 10.

    Other possible values for the keyword are:

    set.db_dlgstyle.prop= N

    N is the sum of the values listed below. The combination of Windows standard is 10 (2+8).

    +1 The menu bars are hidden in the database view.
    +2 Ctrl+Tab switches to the next tab in the database view.
    +4 You can exit the database without saving. The program will not prompt you to save.

    Corresponds to the Esc keyboard command.

    +8 Enter corresponds to the OK button. The database will be saved.