Grid Properties

Defines the general drawing and modeling properties such as the grid and origin. You can set the grid in a model sketcher or a 2D drawing.

Tab: Grid

Sets the grid type as: Rectangular, Circular or Off (no grid).
  • When you select the rectangular grid, set the horizontal and vertical spacing, angle.
  • When you select the circular grid, define the radial density, angular density and angle.
The cursor snaps automatically to points on the grid if Snap to grid points is selected in the preferences
  • If this property is not selected, you can use the angle bracket keys (< or >) to snap grid point.
  • The setting can be found: File > User Preferences > Drawings, Models.
    • On the Use tab, in the Drawing group, select Snap to grid points.

Sets the origin of the grid. The default value is the origin of the coordinate system, defined by the program.

Select Location
Sets the location of the grid and the new origin of the sketching coordinate system. For example, you can set the grid to be parallel to a line on the sketching face when redefining the origin. Click Select Location to click a new origin for the grid, and one direction point, which defines the direction for the X axis.
Examples of the part's sketching mode. (Vertex G4)
  • A new sketch has been added to a face on the part. The origin is located in the lower-left corner in the direction of the view.
  • The grid is set parallel to the slanting line on the face. Click an origin (A) and a direction point for the X axis (B).
  • The grid will be positioned parallel to the line. The sketch is in the perpendicular view. The ruler will be positioned parallel to the grid.
  • You can change the grid's color with the keyword syscolor(5) in the syscolors keyword group. Set the running number of a pen color as the keyword value.

    Pen Color

  • You can adjust the color of the grid.

    Define the keyword in the setup file user/Setup.

    A direct color setting sets the color from the Vertex color table.

    Keyword set.vertex.gridcolor = <color number>

    If direct color setting is not in use, you can select a grayscale color. These run from almost black (-15) to almost white (7).

    Keyword set.vertex.griddimmer = <-15 ... 7>