Setup Files

Part of the system settings is defined in the setup files. The setup files are ASCII text files which are saved either in the user's home directory or in the system's setup folder:

  • Home directory ../user

    The SETUP file is saved in the ../user folder. This file defines the software's operating environment and properties affecting the user interface.

  • System's setup folder

    Other setup files are saved in the system's setup folder. These setup files define the settings for file conversions and material collection, for example. Depending on the software delivery, the setup folder is located either in the ../system or ../custom directory.

    • In the basic software delivery, the setup folder is located in the ../system directory.
    • In a customer fitting, the setup folder is located in the ../custom directory.

Editing the Setup File

You can edit the setup files to meet your requirements. However, keep the following notes in mind:

  • Always remember to make a backup copy of the setup file before starting to edit it.
  • Do not edit the files in the ../system/setup folder! In a customer fitting, the setup files are already located in the ../custom/setup folder, and you can directly open them for editing (make a backup copy first, if necessary). If you are using the basic software without customer fitting, first copy the setup file in the ../custom/setup folder.

Edit the setup file as follows:

  1. Open the file to Notepad, for example.
  2. Find the keyword to be edited in the file, and type a new value for it, or add a new keyword.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart Vertex.


  • Other system settings are defined by keywords which you can edit with the > Preferences Edit function.