Add a Raster

Add a raster image in the drawing. Before locating a raster, you can scale the raster by selecting an auxiliary function.

  1. Select Drawing | Tools | Raster Images > Raster.
  2. Select the file type.
    • TIFF Images (*.tif)
    • JPEG Images (*,jpg, *jpeg)
    • BMP Images (*.bmp)
    • GIF Images (*.gif)
    • PNG image (*.png)
    • Lightworks image (*.lwi)
    • Adobe Acrobat Documents (*.pdf)
    • JP2 images (*.jp2)
  3. Select the file and click Open.
  4. The image will be resized according to the scale of the drawing. Scale the raster, if necessary:
    • Select Scale factor or press F8, and enter the factor in a text box. The default value is 1. The factor affects in the direction of the x and y axes. A factor value between 0-1 makes the raster smaller, for example, the factor 0.8. A factor value larger than 1 enlarges the raster.
    • Select Measure and set scale. Define the scalable distance by clicking two points, and enter the actual distance between the points in a text box. If you want to click the scalable distance in the raster image, first add the raster, and then move it from the grip point or with the function Move Raster Image.
  5. Click a raster position.

    If the file is a multiple-page PDF file, click the location of each page one by one.

  6. Select Confirm.
  • The raster is added to the layer 10 by default. You can move the raster to another layer by using the context-sensitive menu function Edit Layer. The default layer has been defined in the system settings with the keyword image_level.
  • You can also add a raster image from Windows Explorer by using the drag and drop method.
  • Vertex G4: You can add or remove a raster in the projection tree of the model drawing.