Create Print Queue

There can be a maximum of 256 (0-255) print queues. It should be noted that numerous, large print queues use a lot of memory.

  1. Select > Print > Create Print Queue.
  2. Select the printer. When you want to print the queue to a PDF file, you can select either of the following printer:
    • PDF - The entire queue is printed to a single PDF file.
    • PDF_SEPARATE - Each drawing is printed to a PDF file of its own.
  3. Define the layers from which the elements will be printed for the drawings in the print queue. Select the layers to be printed in the Layer selection box.
    • Drawing-specific printing layers - Each drawing is printed with the layers stored in the drawing as printable layers. You can select the printable layers by editing the drawing layers.

      Edit the Layers of the Active Drawing

    • Selected layers - Click Select, and select the layers to be printed one by one or as a layer group. All the drawings will be printed with the same layer selection.

      Layers Dialog Box

  4. Type a name for the print queue. The queue will be saved in the ../user/spool folder.
  5. Select the drawings for the queue From Archive or From Directory.
    • From Archive - Select the drawings to be printed by entering search data in the dialog box and accept the data. Select drawings from the list and accept the selection.
    • From Directory - Select the folder from which you want to select drawings. Select the drawings by clicking with the left mouse button, using the Ctrl and Shift keys. Accept the selection by clicking Open.