Print Settings

Define the print settings such as the printer, scale, plot area, layers to be printed, and placement of the drawing in the Print dialog box.

The list shows the printer options: Windows and Vertex printers. Select a suitable printer.
The basic software delivery includes PDF printers:
  • PDF - Normal PDF.
  • PDF_SEPARATE - You can select the printer when you are printing a queue. In this case, each drawing is printed to a PDF file of its own. When you use the printer PDF the entire queue is printed to a single PDF file.
  • PDF/A-1b - Suitable for long-term preservation (ISO standard PDF/A-1b).
Open the default settings of the Windows printer for viewing and editing. The printer properties include paper size, source, number of copies, orientation (portrait/landscape), print method, resolution, etc.
When you select a printer other than a Windows printer, you must select the sheet size. A default sheet can be defined when adding a printer.
The scale determines the size of the drawing to be printed in relation to the sheet size.
The Fit to sheet scale will make the drawing as large as possible on the sheet. With this setting, the drawing is not in scale.
By selecting From picture, the scale is determined by the scale of the drawing. Select the sheet so that the drawing fits on the sheet.
Number of copies
The default value is 1. Enter a new value, if necessary.
When you print a model you can select one of the following options as the method of configuration:
  • Wire Frame - Vertex wire frame model with hidden lines removed.
  • OpenGL - The model elements are shaded in solid colors.
  • OpenGL rendering white background
  • Rendering - A model visualized using shadows, reflections and materials.
    • Fast - Materials, lights and background are taken into account. The transparency will not be calculated.
    • Normal - Same as Fast, in addition the transparency is calculated.
    • Best - Same as Normal, in addition the sharp color differences are softened.
You can print a visualized model only if the Visualization add-on feature is available to you.
Plot area
When printing the entire drawing, select the All option. By selecting the Window option, you can select the plot area in the drawing by clicking two corner points. Click the lower left and the upper right corners, or enter the coordinates for the area.
Layer selection
The geometry in a drawing has been drawn on certain layers. Define the drawing layers to be printed. The preview image shows the geometry on the layers selected for printing. Select one of the following:
  • Visible layers - Print the layers that have been set visible in the drawing. Available when you print a single drawing.
  • Printing layers - Print the layers that have been set to be printed by default in the layer settings, or click Select and select the layers to be printed one by one or as a layer group.

    Layers Dialog Box

Printer Settings
Change the printer settings such as the printer name, driver and the printing of lines, colors, text, etc.
Printer Settings
Define new printer, Delete current printer
Add or delete a printer.
Define a New Printer
Delete a Printer
Place drawing
Position the drawing on the sheet by using the Place drawing function. By clicking the button in the middle, you can place the drawing in the middle of the sheet. By clicking another button, you can move the drawing 10 mm in the direction of the positive or negative axis. The offset will be shown as coordinates in the dialog box. You can also choose to rotate the drawing 90 degrees on the sheet.
Add Drawing to Sheet
You can add several drawings to the same sheet. This requires that you have selected a sufficiently large sheet.
  1. Place the first drawing on the sheet.
  2. Click Add drawing to sheet. The drawing window becomes active. Open the drawing to be added to the sheet in the window. If necessary, you can change the scale of the drawing.
  3. Select again the print function. The added drawing is shown on the sheet. Place the drawing so that both drawings are shown on the sheet. The previous drawing will be displayed on the sheet as a black area.
  4. After adding all the drawings, accept the print by clicking OK.
  5. You will be prompted: Print all drawings on this sheet? Select Yes to print the sheet.
Default sheet layout

When you print a drawing and select the sheet size, scale, plot area, drawing position and rotation, you can save these selections to the drawing and use them the next time you print.

Save the selections by clicking Set. After printing, also save the drawing. The next time you print the drawing and want to use the same options, select Use.