Overview of Block Design


  • Block design is used to model hydraulic blocks.
  • Block Design is an add-on option for Vertex G4.
  • Machining tools are not shown with a red color if the program includes the block design option, because in block design you want to give the different colors for drillings.

Enable Block Design

To use block design features, the following is required.

  1. The add-on option Block Design in the license.
  2. The SETUP file in the user’s working folder has the keyword: set.g4blockdesign.usemode= 2.
    • In a standalone installation, the working folder is ..\vxg4\user
    • On workstations using a server, the work folder is \\SERVER_NAME\SHARED_FOLDER\vxg4_srv\user\setup.workstation_name

Keywords Affecting the Functions

  • The following keywords are added to the system settings.


  • Defines the color number of the area for which machining is forbidden.
  • By default, color 224 is used .
  • If no color is defined, all the surfaces of the block may be machined.
  • The color is defined for the surfaces of the components that do not allow other machining to be done in the machining area formed by them.


  • Defines the color of the machining feature.
  • By default, color 1 is used .
  • By default, all machinings are red, but by choosing a color, channels drilled for different purposes can be better distinguished from each other.

If necessary, adjust the above settings

  1. Select File > System Preferences > Edit.
  2. Select Administrator's View.
  3. Browse to: Vertex Settings > 3d > Restricted drill color in block design.
  4. Adjust the value: restrictedcolorinblock. The default is 224.
  5. Browse to: Color button in measure table.
  6. Adjust the value: setcolorinmeastable. The default is 1.