Design Process and Instrument Diagrams

Process and Instrument Design

PI schemas are designed in 2D drawings that are specifically defined as PI schemas. Diagram data is project-specific and the listings are made directly from the project database.

New PI Schema

  • Diagram lines, diagram arcs, diagram curves, rounded diagram lines, and signal lines can be used when designing a line.

    Diagram Line
    Diagram Arc – Three Radius Points
    Diagram Curve
    Rounded Diagram Line
    Signal Line

  • The properties of a diagram line in a drawing are defined based on the conveyed substance.

    Diagram Line Properties

    For example, if you select the line style Water and Condensate, the line is drawn in green.

    You can measure the total distance between the diagram line points. Total Distance of Diagram Line Points

  • Components are added to the pipe line. Both the pipe line and any components added to it include technical specifications.

    Add a Diagram Symbol

    Positions for the pipe lines and components are found automatically according to the desired design rules. Positioning is project-specific.


    The pipe line recognizes where it begins and ends. The pipe line data is carried over to components added to the line.

  • You can edit the diagram with general element editing functions.

    Edit a Diagram

    If necessary, you can change the substance conveyed by the pipe line.

  • You can import a diagram drawing from another system into Vertex as a file.

    Import a Diagram Drawing as a File

  • The data from a PI schema is utilized in 3D design. The design data of pipe lines and components in a diagram can be imported into the Vertex G4 Plant Design software. Both the PI and Plant software can use the same databases.

G4 Plant – Process and Instrument Diagram Design without the PI Schema Option

  • In the Model window, select Plant> PI Schemas>, and choose one of the following:

    Process Devices
    Devices All
    Selected all
    Setting of corresponding PI/Plant codes
    Update data from PI dbases to model