Open a Document

You can open a document (a drawing or model file) in any folder in your system with the function > Open File. When you select this function, the Open dialog box will be displayed. The document to be opened can be a Vertex document or a file of some other supported type, for example a dwg, dxf, sat or a tif file. The document opens in a new drawing or model window.

  1. Select > Open File.
  2. Select the folder from the Look in list.
  3. Select the file type from the Files of type list. Vertex document is the default file type.
  4. Select a file in the folder.
  5. Click the Open button.


  • When the Advanced 3D Modeling add-on option is available to you, and you open a model created using old modeling functions, the software will automatically convert into an assembly which is compatible with the new modeler.
  • If you selected a file format other than a Vertex document, a dialog box opens where you can select an appropriate file conversion setup.
  • Open the drawing and model files of the active project by opening a drawing-model pair.
  • The default folder is the folder of the active project. You can select another folder with the common Windows dialog box functions, or from the Directory list. Click the Go button to activate the selected folder.
  • You can preview the drawings or models which are saved in the folder. Select a file and click the View button.
  • As a default, the title bar of a working window displays the file name with full path. If you want the title bar to display only the file name without the path, add the following keyword to the ../user/SETUP file: 0