Select Available Libraries

You can only add components from available libraries to the building model. If necessary, you can activate or deactivate a library.

  1. Open the library browser by selecting System | Libraries | Libraries.
  2. Select the folder System Libraries or Custom Libraries.
  3. Select the library type, for example Walls. You will see the libraries in the right side browser pane. The Active column indicates whether the library is available or not.
    • 1 - The library is available. You can deactivate the library.
    • 0 - The library is not available. You can activate the library.
  4. Select a library, and select Deactivate or Activate from the right-click menu.
  • When you deactivate a library, restart the program.
  • You can also activate or deactivate a library by using the Properties function. Select or clear the check box Active.
  • System tab is only available if you are a system administrator.