Component Library Properties

Edit the properties of a library as follows:

  1. Open the library browser by selecting System | Libraries | Libraries.
  2. Select the folder System Libraries or Custom Libraries.
  3. Select the library type. You will see the libraries in the right side browser pane.
  4. Select a library.
  5. Right-click to open the context-sensitive menu.
  6. Select Properties. You can edit the following properties in the dialog box:
    • Active - You can only add components from available libraries to the building model. A library is available when Active is selected. If necessary, you can activate or deactivate a library.
    • Description - The description is displayed as the name of the folder in the browser. You can search for a library in the library browser by description. Type a character string in the search field on the upper left side of the browser.
      Note: You can only edit the description of a customer-specific library.
    • Priority - Defines the order of the libraries in the library list. For libraries that have their own interface for editing the library and selecting a component, the default library is the library with the highest priority (lowest number in the Priority field).
Note: The name of the library folder appears in the title bar of the dialog box.