Priority of Libraries in the Library List

You can change the order of the libraries in the library list by defining a priority for them. Define a priority for each library in the library list. The priority appears differently depending on the library:
  • Libraries that have their own interface for editing the library and selecting components, such as floor, ceiling and roof libraries. The order is displayed in the dialog box.

  • Other libraries. The order is displayed in the right side browser pane when the libraries are sorted by the Priority column.

Set priorities as follows:

  1. Open the library browser by selecting System | Libraries | Libraries.
  2. Select the folder System Libraries or Custom Libraries.
  3. Select the library type, for example Walls. You will see the libraries in the right side browser pane. The Priority column defines the order of the libraries.
  4. Select a library.
  5. Right-click to open the context-sensitive menu.
  6. Select Properties.
  7. Change the value in the Priority field.

    The default library is the one with the highest priority (smallest number in the Priority field).

  8. Confirm by clicking OK.
  • System tab is only available if you are a system administrator.