Height Markings

Architectural, Framer

Select in which system (relative or absolute) and with what accuracy the height data presented in the building drawings is presented.

If you change the system, you can update the changes in the height markings added to elevation, section and perspective views. Changes are updated automatically in the height symbols added to the floor plan drawing of the building.

  1. Open the project's document browser.
  2. Open Settings > Design settings.
  3. Double-click Height symbols.

    The Building Height Data database view opens.

  4. Select the height system:
    • Show heights relative to building origin
    • Show absolute heights

    Height markings added to the drawings receive a height value according to the selected system.

    The values entered in the building coordinates and height data are presented as millimeters (mm) in the fields Building height relative to model origin and Building origin absolute height.

  5. Select the number of decimals in height marks from the Digits list.
    • 1: +2.3
    • 2: +2.26
    • 3: +2.255
    • 4: +2.2550
  6. Select the precision of the height marks from the Precision list.
    • 1: +2.2550
    • 10: +2.2600
    • 100: +2.3000
    • 1000: +2.0000
  7. If necessary, select the Notes tab and define the drawing and model files of the height marking.
  8. Close the database view by clicking OK. You will be prompted: "Update height symbols of view drawings?"
  9. Do either of the following:
    • Select No. Height markings are not updated.
    • Select Yes and select the drawings to be updated.