Energy Calculation

You can use Vertex BD to generate the initial data for the building energy calculations. The program collects the initial data in an XML file that can be exported to external energy calculation software. The initial data that Vertex BD generates include the volume and area data of the building, the U values of the building components and the compass directions of windows and doors.

The U values of building components can be defined in the structure libraries. You can edit the U values of the building components in a model using the document browser function.

Indicative U values have been determined for the building components in the structure libraries included in the basic software delivery. If the thickness or materials of a component are edited in the building model, the U value will not be updated automatically; it has to be redefined, if necessary.

From the building model, the program generates a space volume where the necessary data is calculated or collected from. The space volume can be divided in zones according to temperatures: heated and semi-heated zones.

The initial data is calculated by energy zone. You can define heated and semi-heated zones using the project document browser function.