Create a Component Group

You can create a component group of components and other building objects. A component group is a finished entity that can be added to a drawing or a model as such. You can select a component group from a browser in the same way as individual building components. A component group may contain any kind of object with 3D geometry, for example walls, windows, furniture, etc.

Create a component group as follows:

  1. Add the components to the drawing-model pair of the building, which makes it easier to position furniture at the floor level, for example. Add components to the drawing or the model.
  2. When all the objects you require exist, press the Esc key to exit the selected function.
  3. Activate the model window.
  4. Select the objects you want to include in the component group by clicking. You can select several objects with the Ctrl key pressed down, or by using the area selection.
  5. Right-click to open the context-sensitive menu.
  6. Select Advanced > Create Building Group.
  7. Select a reference point from the component group that will be the location point of the group. The program will open a new model window and copy the selected components into it.

    When you create a component group of electrical components, you do not have to select a reference point.

  8. Fill in the component group information in a dialog box.

    Create Building Group Dialog Box


  • You can create a component group as described above from a combination of openings, for example. If you select only openings and the trims or grilles connected to them for copying, no reference point is selected. Instead, the program forms the group automatically with the location point of the group at the floor level.
  • When you create a component group, information about the original drawing-model pair where the components belong to, is saved to each component of the group. When you select and add the component group, you can select whether to add the components to their original drawing-model pairs or to the active drawing-model pair. You can add the component group with the function Add a Piece of Furniture or Another Building Component.