Model Your Own Component

You need a 3D model for a component. You can model a volume by yourself, or you can use ready part models or assemblies modeled with the Vertex G4 software.

You can model a component by yourself as follows:

  1. Do either of the following:

    The origin point of the part or assembly becomes the default locating point of the component.

  2. Save the model by selecting > Save. You can save the model to any folder in your system. When you add the model to the component library, the program automatically copies the model file to the selected component library folder.
  3. Close the modeling window.


  • When you are modeling a window or a door, add the outline of the opening on the layer 101. The program will make a hole in the wall according to the outline. The outline can also be an arc.
  • Save a window model in the ../custom/complibs/win_custom folder and a door model in the ../custom/complibs/door_custom folder.
  • After you have created the model file of the component, you can add the component to the component library.
  • The creation of the assemblies requires that the Advanced 3D Modeling add-on option is available to you.