Drawing-Specific Settings - PI Schema

Process and Instrument Design

Define the drawing-specific settings as follows:

  • You can specifically set the drawing type for each drawing. The selected type can be later used to control the operations of applications.
  • You can select the graphics processing method. For example, PI schema lines that intersect one another are cut to improve readability.

Select the settings:

  1. Open a 2D drawing in the window. Create a New 2D drawing
  2. On the tab, in the Settings group, click Drawing Type Settings.
  3. Select a tab in the dialog box.
    • Basic Data

      Select the drawing type: PI Schema.

    • Graphics

      Select the settings for cutting intersecting lines: Crossing connection lines cut, or select Crossing connection lines not cut.

  4. Click OK.
  • To cut the intersection connection lines, do either of the following:
    • Press Ctrl+H.
    • Select Hidden Lines from the toolbar.