Process and Instrument Design

Positioning is project-specific.

In practice, diagram drawings are saved in either of the following:

Positioning a Diagram Line

  • Pipe lines can be formed by a single continuous line or by several lines.
  • You can add the same position for a diagram line (pipe line), as the line can continue in several diagrams.
  • It is sufficient for one of the lines in the pipe line to be incorporated with information on the entire pipe line.

Do as follows:

  1. Double-click the diagram line in the drawing.

    The pipe line data opens, where you can enter the position and process data.

  2. Enter the position data.

    Vertex informs you if position data has previously been entered. The data is recorded only once in the Flow system or in a local external database.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Select text properties for the contextual toolbar fields.

    The default text attributes are those selected earlier.

  5. Click a location for the position text.

    If you have created the line with several line sections, you can also copy the data for all sections of the line.

  • By double-clicking the position text, you can view the lines to which the position text is related.

Positioning a Diagram Symbol

  1. Double-click a diagram symbol in the drawing.

    The symbol data opens, where you can enter the position and process data.

  2. Proceed by doing either of the following:
    • If a type has been specified for the symbol, Vertex automatically opens the data appropriate for that type. For more details, see Save a Diagram Symbol in the Symbol Library
    • If the type has not been set, you can select the type from the list.
  3. Choose the position data and confirm.

Carry-Over Data - Symbol and Diagram Line


  • You can decide, for example, the position to which a component or instrument is connected.

    Click the button in the Relating Pos field.

  • If you add a component to a positioned diagram line, the Relating Pos data for the component is defined automatically.
  • The element adheres to the information in the Relating Pos field. If you modify the field data, the corresponding information of the related element is updated.

Diagram Line

  • The From-To data relating to a diagram line can be indicated in the diagram: where the line begins and where it ends.

    Click the button in the data, and indicate the line or symbol.