New PI Schema

Process and Instrument Design

Start a new drawing, add it to a project and define it as a PI schema.

As an example we will create a new PI schema in the G4 archive.

  1. Create a new drawing. New 2D drawing

    The data for diagrams without project links are not transferred into a local G4 archive or Flow.

  2. Click OK.
  3. Select drawing-specific settings.
    • On the tab, in the Settings group, click Drawing Type Settings.
    • On the Type tab, select drawing type: PI Schema.
    • On the Graphics tab, select the Connection line cut style: Crossing connection lines cut, or not cut.

    Drawing-Specific Settings

  4. Click OK.
  • A drawing can be saved in Flow, without it having a project link.
  • Vertex G4 Plant Design: Start the video help by clicking Shift + left mouse button on the button.