Save a Modeled Component in a Library

After you have modeled a component (for a part or an assembly model), you can add it to the component library. You can also use a finished model modeled with the Vertex G4 software, or a file of another format converted to a Vertex model.

  1. Select System | Libraries | Libraries Save Building Component to Library.
  2. Select the component and define its data in the dialog box. You can select any component stored in your system to be saved by clicking the Browse button. You can also retrieve the model from the archive by clicking the Archive button.

    The Save Building Component to Library Dialog Box

  3. Confirm by clicking OK.

You can also select this function in the model window of a part or assembly model as follows:

  1. Open the model in one of the following ways:
    • Select > Open File.
    • Open the model from the Windows Explorer using the drag and drop method.
    • You can open an archived model also by selecting Archives | Documents | Browse > Model.
  2. Click the right mouse button in the model window.
  3. Select Save to Library > Save Building Component to Library. The Save Building Component to Library dialog box opens.
  4. Fill in the component data in the dialog box.

    The Save Building Component to Library Dialog Box

  5. Confirm by clicking OK.

When you select the building component adding function the next time, the program will update the browser, and you can select the component from the folder that was defined for it.

  • Sub folders are not supported in component libraries. The drawing and model files of all components must be saved to the main level folder, which is located in the custom/complibs folder. For example:
    • custom/complibs/macro_company_components_1
    • custom/complibs/macro_company_components_2
  • The program will copy the model file to a folder in the component library. This enables the component library to be transferable. If you wish to edit the model after saving it in the component library, you must open the model for editing from the folder in the component library. Changes made to the original model will no longer be updated in the model file in the component library.
  • The program will automatically generate a 2D drawing of the component from a top view projection when you save the component in the component library. If the automatically generated 2D drawing is unsuitable as is, you can use the 2D drafting functions to create the drawing yourself. You can also create the drawing directly from the part model and edit the drawing, for example by deleting lines.