Area Data to the Project Data Card

Architectural, Framer

You can store an area defined with an additional material into the project data card. The additional material must have a property which is used to store the area data to the project data card. You can edit the properties of an additional material by editing the library for additional materials.

  1. Select System | BOM Additional Materials.
  2. Move the cursor on the row of the material to be edited.
  3. Click the Attributes button.
  4. Edit the additional material properties. In the PROREG Save Field of the database view, type either of the following, for example:
    • SQM

When you have edited the library of additional materials, add an additional area material to the floor plan drawing so that it covers the area you want to define. When you save the project, the program will add the area to the project data card.


  • You can add the area in the data card field as a text macro on a drawing sheet, for example. Add the text in format #PROREG.FIELD#, for example:
    • #PROREG.SQM#
  • System tab is only available if you are a system administrator.