Constraint Manager

When the constraint manager is enabled, you can design a parametric building model where building components are bound to each other with geometric constraints.

If necessary, you can disable the constraint manager when the drawing window is active. You can make this setting when starting work, or temporarily disable it when the drawing window is active. Disabling the constraint manager affects the operation of the program as follows:

  • Geometric constraints added in the drawing or model are not solved.
  • New geometric constraints cannot be added.
  • 2D automatic constraints are disabled. In this case, no constraints are automatically added when the line drawing functions are used.
  • Only the properties of dimension constraints can be handled in the drawing.

You can disable and enable the 2D constraint manager as follows:

  1. Select > Preferences Drawings, Models.
  2. Select the Usage tab.
  3. Select or clear 2D Constraint Manager.

The setting remains even after the program is restarted.


  • Objects containing constraints retain their constraints if the constraint manager is disabled during design work.