Editing Constraints

You can edit building component constraints as follows:

  1. Select a building component.
  2. Right-click to open the context-sensitive menu.
  3. Select Constraints from the menu.

    The constraints connected to the building component are displayed in the dialog box. When you select a constraint from the list, it will be highlighted in color in the drawing. You can perform, for example, the following edits:

    • Define the building component position as fixed. Select the Position fixed checkbox.
    • Move a building component fixed with a distance constraint. Select the desired distance constraint and enter a new value in the Value field. The building component, which has not been fixed to its position with other constraints, moves.
    • Delete a constraint. Select a constraint and click the Delete button.
    • Change the 3D Level to which the building component is constrained. Select the height level from the Locating height list. For walls and columns, the Locating height refers to the height of their bottom edges. You can also select Top height for walls and columns. You can remove the building component's constraint to a height level by selecting an empty option from the Locating height list.

    Constraints of Object Dialog Box

  4. You can delete a constraint by first selecting it from the list and then clicking the Delete button.
  5. You can update the changes to the building model without closing the dialog box by clicking the Apply button.
  6. Accept the changes by clicking the OK button.