Add and Define a Split Line

You can add a hole to an automatically generated floor, or define a different floor structure or surface material for a certain area by defining a split line for the floor. The split line can be an open or closed polyline.

  1. Select the automatic floor.
  2. Select Automatic Floors | Add Split.
  3. Select the line properties just as when adding a polyline.

    Line Properties

  4. Select line points.
  5. Do either of the following:
    • When you add an open split line, select the Confirm function.
    • When you add a closed split line, click the start point as the end point or click the CLOSE button above the status bar.
  6. Define the split line properties in the dialog box. The direction of the arrow in the floor plan indicates the area defined by the split line.

    Split Line Properties

  7. Confirm by clicking OK.


  • The object type of the split line is Split Lines.